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 Country(ies) visited  Australie - Nouvelle Zélande - Argentine - Bolivie - Pérou
 Writer  Laurent
 Message date  03-03-2006
 82  821     185

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Laguna Torre
Fitz Roy
 Title : And the good news is...

Il y a du beurre sale en Australie !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Et il est meme plutot bon ...)


There is some salty butter in Australia !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And it's quite good....)

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 A random diary > Oceania
 Country(ies) visited  France - Singapour - Australie - Singapour
 Writer  Chantal and Jonathan
 Message date  20-06-2007
 49  172   6  20

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Evening dress
Reject #4
Reject #3
Reject #2
 Title : Welcome to WA

Not much was done today thanks to the second day of non-stop rain.  We crossed the South Australia - Western Australia border and then drove 619km but if you read the previous blog, you'd know that.  Unless of course, you've managed to log in at the exact point that this blurb is up (...)

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 A random diary > Asia
 Country(ies) visited  Chine
 Message date  27-12-2011
 18  247   7  48

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Suzhóu es una de las ciudades más famosas de toda China. Está situada en la parte baja del ríoYangzi, a orilla del lago Taihu, en la provincia de Jiangsu, al respecto la gente de alla tiene un proverbio chin (...)

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